• Concept

    Filled soil bag wrapped around by the reinforcing geogrid forming the facing of the retaining wall. The wall surface can be vegetated for natural appearance. This has become a popular construction method due to its simple installation, construction efficiency, and applicability to different terrains.
  • Application

    Collapsed area restoration, retaining wall, road embankment, riverbank, and landfill etc.
  • Characteristics

    1. Stable structure formed by in-situ soil.
    2. Relatively cost-efficient.
    3. Easy installation and less impact to the environment.
    4. Suitable for most landforms.
    5. Wall surface can be vegetated for natural appearance finish.


  • Foundation Levelling

    Clean the ground surface of the site, and excavate in accordance with the levelling layout. Then compact the ground to the required compactness.

  • ACEGrid® Laying

    Cut ACEGrid® to the size specified on the design drawing (including at least 2 meters in length for wrap-around purpose). ACEGrid® should be laid flat without any corrugation. Anchorage should be done with the anchorage interval specified on the design drawing.

  • Sand Bag Stacking

    Fill the required number of sand bags and cross-stack them to the designed height, forming the wall facing of the structure.

  • Backfilling

    Backfill soil at the back of the sand bag facing; the thickness of every layer should be between 15 cm to 30 cm. Then, perform compaction from the facing inward to the backfill area to meet the required compactness specified on the design drawing.

  • ACEGrid® Wrap-around

    Wrap the sand bag around with the reserved length of ACEGrid®; make sure it is free of corrugation. Anchorage should be done with the anchorage interval specified on the design drawing.

  • Slope Shaping

    After anchoring the ACEGrid®, perform backfill and soil compaction again. Use excavator grab or available compactor to compact and shape the slope to requirement.

  • Drainage Installation

    Install drainage material in accordance with the design drawing to reduce the pore water pressure in the backfilled area.

  • Layer-by-Layer

    Repeat step 2 to 6 to achieve the required height specified in the design drawing. Make sure drainage system is installed at required height.

  • Slope Vegetation

    Perform slope vegetation to get a green and natural appearance, and also enhance the slope’s resistance to erosion.

  • Wrap Around Facing Completed


  • Foundation Levelling
  • ACEGrid® Laying
  • Sand Bag Stacking
  • Backfilling
  • ACEGrid® Wrap-around
  • Slope Shaping
  • Drainage Installation
  • Layer-by-Layer
  • Slope Vegetation
  • Wrap Around Facing Completed

Wrap-AroundDemonstrative Case

Reinforced Slope Construction, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Slope collapse and road damage were caused by the heavy and durative rain brought by the typhoons. To avoid the problems from happening again, the traditional concrete wall is replaced by the lighter reinforced retaining wall and the drainage system is installed to channel the ground water and seepage water out of the slope. ACEGrid® is applied to reinforce and stabilize the structure. The repaired road and slope remain intact even after several severe typhoons.

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