Segmental Precast Concrete Panel FacingEXPLANATION

  • Concept

    The quality and color of the precast panel can be properly designed, to enhance both safety and appearance of the structure. Its perpendicular installation takes less land space than a slope design.
  • Application

    Urban roadway construction and/or roadway constructions where concrete appearance is required (e.g., embankment for highway).
  • Characteristics

    1. Stable structure with less concrete.
    2. Good resistance to lateral deformation and erosion.
    3. Its easy installation shortens the construction period.
    4. Making use of in-situ soil to reduce both construction cost and environmental impact.
    5. Vertical wall design occupies less land space.

Segmental Precast Concrete Panel FacingCONSTRUCTION PROCESS

  • Foundation Levelling

    Clean the ground surface of the site, and excavate in accordance with the levelling layout. Then compact the ground to the required compactness.

  • Base Leveling

    Set up formwork and cast the RC foundation specified on the design drawing for the segmental precast concrete panel.

  • Panel Installation

    Install the precast concrete panels on the RC foundation with crane, and insert steel bars to the reserved holes on each panel to connect adjacent panels.

  • ACEGrid® Laying

    Cut ACEGrid® to the size specified on the design drawing (including at least 2 meters in length for wrap-around purpose). ACEGrid® should be laid flat without any corrugation. Anchorage should be done with the anchorage interval specified on the design drawing. The length of ACEGrid® that wraps around should be properly connected to the hooks on the concrete panel and fixed with hardware.

  • Drainage Installation

    Fill soil bag with fine aggregate and cross stack behind the panels to the designed height, in order to reduce the pore water pressure in the backfilled area.

  • Backfilling

    Backfill soil at the back of the sand bag facing; the thickness of every layer should be between 15 cm to 30 cm. Then, perform compaction from the facing inward to the backfill area to meet the required compactness specified on the design drawing.

  • Layer-by-Layer

    Repeat step 3 to 6 to achieve the required height specified in the design drawing.

  • Wall Capping

    After achieving the designed height, cap the concrete panel wall by casting a concrete capping.

  • Completion

    Segmental Precast Concrete Panel is completed.

  • Foundation Levelling
  • Base Leveling
  • Panel Installation
  • ACEGrid® Laying
  • Drainage Installation
  • Backfilling
  • Layer-by-Layer
  • Wall Capping
  • Completion

Segmental Precast Concrete Panel FacingDemonstrative Case

Segmental Precast Concrete Panel Seawall, UAE

Due to the overcrowdedness, collisions and safety problems during the tropical cyclone season, the government decided to increase the port capacity by building a new seawall with floating jetties. Considering the difficulty of construction underwater and the strength of the structure, precast concrete panels and ACEGrid® were used to build the seawall. ACEGrid ® was used to reinforce and stabilize the structure. With the new seawall and floating jetties, more ships and boats are accommodated. And the seawall is strong enough to survive several tropical cyclones.

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