Rectangular Pyramidal GeomatEXPLANATION

  • Concept

    Rectangular Pyramidal Geomat is an innovative design with an excellent energy-dissipation ability to slow down runoff and prevent surface erosion.
  • Application

    Protection of shallow slope in fractured zone and revetment construction.
  • Characteristics

    1. Easy and rapid transportation and installation.
    2. Special 3D structure slows down runoff and protects soil from washing away.
    3. Remarkable performance in supporting vegetation.
    4. Replacing shotcrete slope protection engineering method with a more environment-friendly method.

Rectangular Pyramidal GeomatCONSTRUCTION PROCESS

  • Ground Cleaning

    Clean the ground surface of the site.

  • Geomat Laying

    Cut ACEMat R to the required size and lay on the target slope.

  • Geomat Anchoring

    Overlap the ACEMat R as specified on the design drawing and anchor it.

  • Slope Vegetation

    Perform slope vegetation for beautification.

  • Erosion Control with ACEMat ™ Completed


  • Ground Cleaning
  • Geomat Laying
  • Geomat Anchoring
  • Slope Vegetation
  • Erosion Control with ACEMat ™ Completed

Rectangular Pyramidal GeomatDemonstrative Case

The Slope Erosion Control Project in Chiayi, Taiwan

The application of rectangular pyramidal geomat enhances the slope with significant resistance to erosion. The arrangement of the rectangular pyramidal geomat with the designed ditches on the bare slope releases the burden of continuous erosion. The slope is well protected and greened by vegetation now.

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