Pavement ReinforcementEXPLANATION

  • Concept

    The application of ACEGrid® GA to road construction improves the overall performance of the road such as its bearing capacity, and also reduces the occurrence of both reflective cracks and wheel ruts.
  • Application

    Roadway, airport runway and other similar constructions.
  • Characteristics

    1. Easy installation.
    2. Excellent resistance to extreme temperature.
    3. Good compatibility with asphalt to prolong the service life of the pavement.
    4. ACEGrid® GA is high strength in both directions with low creep.
    5. Reducing the thickness of the road while improving the occurrence of reflective cracks and wheel ruts.
    6. Low maintenance cost.

Pavement ReinforcementCONSTRUCTION PROCESS

  • Base Course Preparation

    Prepare the base course with the design specifications. Make sure it is properly compacted, levelled, and clean.

  • Sprinkling

    Sprinkle water on the base course before spreading bituminous material, for it will help the bituminous material to spread evenly. Make sure the surface is damp but not wet.

  • Bitumen Spraying

    Select appropriate bituminous material as prime coat and spray it under the temperature specified in the construction specification. Use tank truck with spraying bar to spray bituminous material adequately and evenly.

  • ACEGrid® BG Laying

    Fix the open end of the ACEGrid® BG roll to the right position with nail or asphalt concrete. Then lay the ACEGrid® BG on the prime coat and along the roadway mechanically or manually. It should be laid flat without any corrugation; in case of manhole or drain, cut the ACEGrid® BG to avoid covering those facilities.

  • Surface Course Laying

    Use finisher to spread asphalt concrete evenly on ACEGrid® BG, and compact it with roller. All truck and equipment should move slowly on road; avoid making sudden turn and break on ACEGrid® BG. Avoid the overlap of the asphalt concrete on the overlapping spot of ACEGrid® BG.

  • Pavement Reinforcement Completed


  • Base Course Preparation
  • Sprinkling
  • Bitumen Spraying
  • ACEGrid® BG Laying
  • Surface Course Laying
  • Pavement Reinforcement Completed

Pavement ReinforcementDemonstrative Case

Asphalt Road Repair, Chile, South America

The road was damaged due to high traffic loading and temperature fluctuation. The damaged road created passenger safety problems in Chile, therefore, it was imperative to repair the road. In this case, ACECompo™ GB, a kind of high-tenacity glassfiber geogrid combining a lightweight polyester nonwoven geotextile and coating with bitumen substance, was applied to improve the strength and temperature resistance of the asphalt pavement, since the features of ACECompo™ GB are high strength, high modulus, and high temperature resistances. The repaired road is less likely to have crackings and potholes due to the use of ACECompo™ GB.

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