Landscape FacilityEXPLANATION

  • Concept

    Installing simple timber structures to create relaxing and artistic atmosphere to the surrounding environment.
  • Application

    Park, recreational ground, scenic area etc.
  • Characteristics

    Integrating adjacent landscape resources to form a scenic and recreational system.


  • Ground Leveling

    Clean the ground surface of the site. And then establish the necessary level lines.

  • Footing Excavation

    Accordingly to the designed column size, excavate the ground for foundation setting.

  • Structure Assembly

    Assemble the frame structure and fix it properly.

  • Footing Casting

    After positioning the structure, cast the footing with premixed concrete.

  • Surface Painting

    Clean and paint the structure surface with primer to reveal the wooden pattern with brightness.

  • Landscape Facility Installed


  • Ground Leveling
  • Footing Excavation
  • Structure Assembly
  • Footing Casting
  • Surface Painting
  • Landscape Facility Installed

Landscape FacilityDemonstrative Case

Landscape facility in National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan

The walls and the courtyard of the Science and Engineering Building of National Chung Hsing University were with air conditioner pipelines and concrete. The students and faculty were reluctant to use the space since it was dull and grey. Therefore the light weight ecological structures were installed on the walls, pebbles and woodblocks were embedded on the ground for vegetation and beatification. Now the students often gather in the courtyard after class. The space is now well used.

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