Geotextile TubeEXPLANATION

  • Concept

    The ACETube® is a tubular container made by high strength geotextile. It can be filled with in-situ soil to form a firm structure and act as a mean of protection to waterfront access areas.
  • Application

    Shore protection and other public waterfront access areas. It can be applied to construct revetment, breakwater, groin, jetty and so forth.
  • Characteristics

    1. Customized size available for different applications.
    2. A cost-efficient and safe system.
    3. Making use of in-situ soil as filling material.
    4. Replacing traditional concrete revetment with a more environment-friendly system.
    5. Excellent permeability for filtering while retaining soil inside.
    6. Durable system with good resistance to salt water, acid and alkali, and ultra violet radiation.
    7. Less impact to the surrounding environment.


  • Foundation Levelling

    Clean the ground surface of the site. And then establish the necessary level lines.

  • ACETube® Laying

    Lay ACETube® on the designated position and fix it in place.

  • ACETube® Filling

    Insert filling pipe into the filling port of the ACETube® and tie it properly. Then fill the ACETube® with sand-water mixture.

  • Height Checking

    After water being filtered out, check to see whether the filled height reaches the designed height; if not, then continue with the filling process until it matches.

  • Sealing

    Seal the filling port after the ACETube® reaches its designed height, to keep the filled sand inside the ACETube®.

  • Backfill

    Fill the gap between ACETube® and the concrete wall with backfill, and then compact it.

  • Repeat Process

    Repeat step 2 to 5 to achieve the designed range.

  • Shore Protection of ACETube® Completed


  • Foundation Levelling
  • ACETube® Laying
  • ACETube® Filling
  • Height Checking
  • Sealing
  • Backfill
  • Repeat Process
  • Shore Protection of ACETube® Completed

Geotextile TubeDemonstrative Case

Sand Dune Reinforcement, Las Coloradas, Mexico

Lagoons at the beach in Las Coloradas were used to produce salt, and they were the primary income source for the residents nearby. Hurricane Wilma destroyed the lagoons. To protect the region from further damage caused by hurricanes, sand dune reinforcement was imperative. ACETube® was filled with slurry and covered with sand to reach design height. Upon the completion of the construction, the dunes with ACETube® embedded within were naturally vegetated and became the protection for the lagoons without affecting the environment of the surrounding beaches. Both economic artery and environment are saved because the use of ACETube®.

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