Gabion with Geotextile BagEXPLANATION

  • Concept

    Geotextile Bag is put into gabions and fill them with in-situ soil to form firm structural units. Wall built with these units are able to withstand the pushing force coming from behind and other stresses.
  • Application

    Areas where cobbles are hardly found and an environment-friendly structure is needed. Commonly use in the remediation of wild creek revetment and slope stability.
  • Characteristics

    1. Making use of in-situ materials.
    2. Reducing soil loss rate with the application of Geotextile Bag.
    3. Easy and rapid installation.
    4. High permeability.
    5. Good resistance to UV, puncture and abrasion.

Gabion with Geotextile BagCONSTRUCTION PROCESS

  • Foundation Levelling

    Clean the ground surface of the site. And then establish the necessary level lines.

  • Gabion Arrangement

    Arrange the specified gabion in place in accordance with the design drawing.

  • ACEBag™-g Placement

    Place ACEBag™-g in the gabion.

  • Filling

    Fill the ACEBag™-g with soil and compact it to the height of the bag.

  • ACEBag™-g Sealing

    After the ACEBag®-g is filled; seal the opening to prevent soil loss.

  • Gabion Sealing

    After sealing the ACEBag™-g, seal the gabion by tying the cap to the frame edge with wire or cable to prevent it from opening.

  • Gap filling

    Backfill the gap behind the gabion and compact it layer-by-layer.

  • Shore protection of Gabion with ACEBag™-g Completed


  • Foundation Levelling
  • Gabion Arrangement
  • ACEBag™-g Placement
  • Filling
  • ACEBag™-g Sealing
  • Gabion Sealing
  • Gap filling
  • Shore protection of Gabion with ACEBag™-g Completed

Gabion with Geotextile BagDemonstrative Case

ACEGabion™ for River Embankment Protection, Taipei, Taiwan

The river embankment was broken during the typhoon seasons, so it became a large threat to the inhabitants who live in the midstream and downstream area. It was imperative to rebuild the river embankment in order to protect the lives of residents nearby. ACEGabion ™ and ACEBag™-g were used to rebuild the embankment. Compared with traditional method, the ingenious use of ACEGabion ™ and ACEBag™-g cost less money and reduced the overall construction time due to the materials were obtained from local sources. The structure of river embankment performed its outstanding stability and covered with exuberant green vegetation after few years.

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