• Concept

    Gabion filled with in-situ gravel provides a porous and natural facing to the reinforced structure, keeps the structure in harmony with the surrounding environment.
  • Application

    High water table area, hilly road, revetment with ecological demand, and areas where cobbles can be easily found.
  • Characteristics

    1. Stable structure can be achieved by applying small amount of wire mesh.
    2. Keeping the natural scenery.
    3. Making use of in-situ gravel to reduce both construction cost and environmental impact.
    4. Excellent permeability.
    5. Possessing advantages of rigid, flexible, and gravity structures.


  • Foundation Levelling

    Clean the ground surface of the site, and excavate in accordance with the levelling layout. Then compact the ground to the required compactness.

  • ACEGrid® Laying

    Cut ACEGrid® to the required size and lay it flat to the construction surface without any corrugation. Anchorage should be done with the anchorage interval specified on the design drawing.

  • ACETex® Laying

    Cut ACETex® to required size (including the length for wrap-around purpose) and lay it flat to the construction surface. The overlap of ACETex® should follow the specification mentioned on the design drawing.

  • Gabion Installation

    Install gabion with specifications shown on the design drawing.

  • Cobble Backfill

    Fill all gabions with cobbles.

  • Gabion Sealing

    After filling with cobbles, seal all gabions by tying the cap to the frame edge with wire or cable, to make sure cobbles stay in the gabion.

  • ACETex® Wrap-around

    Wrap the gabion around with the reserved length of ACETex® from behind, to prevent erosion of the backfill.

  • Backfilling

    Backfill soil at the back of the gabion facing and compact properly.

  • Layer-by-Layer

    Repeat step 2 to 8 to achieve the required height specified in the design drawing.

  • Gabion Facing Completed


  • Foundation Levelling
  • ACEGrid® Laying
  • ACETex® Laying
  • Gabion Installation
  • Cobble Backfill
  • Gabion Sealing
  • ACETex® Wrap-around
  • Backfilling
  • Layer-by-Layer
  • Gabion Facing Completed

Gabion FacingDemonstrative Case

ACEGrid® and ACEGabion™ for Gabion Facing Reinforced Retaining Wall, Taichung, Taiwan

The only access road collapsed in the torrential rain brought by Typhoon Kalmaegi. The collapse impacted local resident, and immediate road repair action was needed. In order to shorten the construction period, the reinforced retaining wall method was adopted. The wall was strengthened and built by ACEGrid® with ACEGabion™ as the facing system. It sat on a concrete foundation where a gutter was built at the toe of the slope for draining. High permeability, great stability, and effective revegetation are the advantages of the structure. The structure remains in a complete and stable condition thoughout the years. Furthermore, it provided a more lively green appearance with growing vegetation on the structure.

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